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Verification of Competency

What We Do

Current industry regulations require employers and ‘persons conducting a business undertaking’ to ensure their workers can clearly demonstrate their ability to perform the tasks related to their job role when plant is used.

Verification of Competency (VOC) is a method of assessment that can be used to demonstrate the worker’s ability to operate equipment and/or undertake the responsibilities of these roles.

PSAH Training and Recruitment Pty Ltd offers a VOC service that can be conducted onsite without interrupting productivity. VOC assessments are completed while staff are working, eliminating the need to employ temporary replacements, and are used to ensure your workers and supervisors can operate equipment in complete safety.

How We Do It

PSAH Training and Recruitment Pty Ltd.’s VOC service is about being pro-active rather than re-active to identify competency levels and gaps in competency to be rectified through relevant training ensuring your workplace is safe and on the cutting edge of quality. In addition to VOC, PSAH Training and Recruitment Pty Ltd VOC service can provide you with refresher training to assist you with your duty of care obligations.

We offer a wide range of VOC services covering the following key polyethylene pipe welding methods and related disciplines:

  • McElroy Butt fusion – Rolling stock (Models : 28 / 250)
  • McElroy Butt fusion – Dynamac EP250
  • McElroy Butt Fusion – TracStar (Models : 28 / 250 / 412 / 500 / 618 / 900 / 1200)
  • Butt welding of polyethylene plastic pipelines
  • Electrofusion welding of polyethylene pipelines

How We Can Help

The PSAH Training and Recruitment Pty Ltd team has spent over 10 years delivering training and VOC related services to our clients – designing, developing, innovating, and improving. It is who we are, and it is what we do. We can offer VOC services either at our training facilities or onsite and work with our clients to deliver a flexible and cost-effective solution to mitigating the responsibilities of the employer.

For more information or a quote contact PSAH Training and Recruitment Pty Ltd via the website contact.


From the first interaction with the client to the completed delivery of a program, PSAH Training and Recruitment Pty Ltd aims to deliver the highest quality in all facets of the business. We have built a great reputation for being reliable, knowledgeable and innovative. Our services transform the performance of your workers and supervisors.


PSAH Training and Recruitment Pty Ltd look for efficient methods, flexible solutions and forward thinking to ensure the needs of a business or individual are considered and prepared for. We drive continuous improvement both within our business and for the companies we work with. We develop flexible services to suit changing needs and requirements within the Polyethylene piping industry.


Our clients trust us to add value to their business and deliver a return on their investment. We work with you to identify a solution for your specific needs, develop solutions to satisfy those needs and add value to ensure that your objectives are met.